Human & Environment

How can we realize
sustainable society
and save the earth
from pollution.


Are you satisfied with living in contaminated surroundings?

Soap Free Procyon has been evaluated as the best eco-friendly solution from many organizations in the United States.

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All the Procyon products have been certified for Green Seal GS-37.
GHS(Globally Harmonized System)
affirmed Procyon products do not contain any harmful ingredients,
which also means Procyon products being complied with Well,
and Leed certifications.

  • Green seal
  • WELL
  • LEED
  • IAQ

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About Us

For our future of truly sustainable society,
we are challenging to achieve
the new environmental standards with Procyon,
one and only cleaning solution which does not
affect surroundings at all through
its process of eco-friendly cleaning.

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