You are cleaning with harmful Cleaner,
that means you are scattering harmful substances around you.

Have you imagined how the air in your room is affected by cleaning?
Being made from natural ingredients,
Soap-Free Procyon does not degrade air quality without leaving any compounds of soap.
Plus, with its super strong cleaning power,
Soap-Free Procyon removes all kinds of grime and dirt.


Ivan Day, founder of Plus Manufacturing, Inc., devoted all his energies into developing clean & safe cleaner, being concerned with our human’s allergic reaction like asthma, mental ailments and other possible disorders, which he thought could be triggered by chemical substances contained in cleaners.
Procyon was born through his dedication and passion, creating sustinable, eco-friendly, & harmless cleaning product.


    Procyon was certified according to GS-37 of GREEN SEAL as a poduct of eco-friendly, without containing any harmful substance. Also Procyon products were examined and proven that they do not cause any dermatitis , as well as do not trigger asthma.

    chairman of GREEN SEAL:
    “Procyon are the most eco-friendly products on the market.”

    Procyon products were also proven to be hazardless, which leads to being conform to WELL &, LEED standards.

    • LEED
  • IAQ(Indoor Air Quality)

    EPA(United States Environmental Protection Agency) has encouraged fororganizations such as helthcare facilities, hotels, and schools in the United States to improve indoor air quality as apart of IAQ programs.
    EPA has introduced Procyon products for sanitizing it’s facilities according to that.
    Procyon has been highly evaluated for its ability to purify the indoor air by them.

    IAQ(Indoor Air Quality)

  • CRI(The Carpet and Rug Institute)

    Procyon’s Extreme Carpet Cleaner got praised with the highest rateings for its supreme cleaning power in May, 2014.
    Extreme Carpet Cleaner has been used in large number of buildings and facilities in the United States, including the presidential airplane(Air Force One), White House, Federal government buildings, county halls, city halls, EPA(Environmental Protection Agency), helthcare centers, medical units for child asthma and allergic patients, hospitals, collages, schools, hotels, and enterprises such as Google headquarters, and Disneyland California.

    CRI(The Carpet and Rug Institute)

  • Approved by WoolSafe

    Approved by WoolSafe

    Safe for 100% wool products and carpets.



    Pet friendly with no residues.

  • Asthema&Allergy


    Safe for asthma ,and allergies.

  • Soap-free
  • Harmless
  • Odor-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • No-residues
  • Dirived from Natural Substances
  • No Volatile Organic Compound
  • Air-purifying
  • Ncomparable Cleaning Power
  • Fast-Dry